How do I invite team members?

Here is how you invite members to your team
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Please follow the instructions below to invite members to your team:

  1. If you haven't already please register at
  2. After you have registered and logged in please click on your name on the bottom left side of the page
  3. A menu should appear. Please select the 'Teams system' item
  4. You should now be directed to the teams' page with a list of two options
  5. In order to invite team members you first have to create a team
  6. Please select the 'My teams' option to create a team
  7. You should have a blank teams page. Click on the 'Create team' button to create a team
  8. Give a name for your team and then click on the 'Create' button
  9. Your teams' page should now have the team you created
  10. Click on the name of your team. You should be present with an empty page
  11. Click on the 'Invite member' button to invite your team member
  12. Fill out the users email and permissions you want them to have and then click on 'Invite via Email' to send out the invitation
  13. They should receive an email with an invitation. If they have not received an invitation. They should check their spam/newsletter/promotion folder. If not you can resend another invitation by following the same steps
  14. You can send them the 'How to accept team member invite?' article on how to activate their account and join your team

If you are having any problems or issues inviting team members. Please send us a message via our live chat widget on the bottom right of the page or to our email at

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